Italian prison opened the restaurant staff are prisoners (Figure)

The prison restaurant opened
According to foreign media reports, a prison in Milan, Italy recently opened a restaurant, where almost all of the staff are serving prisoners, popular. Even the bank tycoons, Miss Italy and other celebrities are attracted to patronize this restaurant, their current March booking is full. Reported that the prison called "Bora Thai" (Bollate), located in the outskirts of Milan, imprisoned 1,100 prisoners. Restaurant founder and manager Sylvia said he hoped to provide job opportunities for prisoners, so that they have the ability to self-reliance, after the release into the community, but also reduce the chance of recidivism. It is reported that the restaurant staff are serving prisoners, they have their monthly monthly salary, monthly salary by species, 600 euros per month, 700 euros, 1,200 euros. An employee (who is serving a prisoner) said after the third day of his work that he had never been so happy that the people in the restaurant looked at him like "ordinary people". The report pointed out that the problem of prison tension in Italy as early as 2014, when the government by reducing the penalties and the release of minor crimes prisoners, suspended the situation of prison overcrowding, but the high rate of repeat the problem is not resolved, so the government began in the And to allow prisoners to move freely during the day, and to make their lives more fulfilling and learn the skills, the prisons around the way to solicit volunteers to provide prisoners with drama, painting and carpentry courses. At the end of October last year, the prison restaurant opened, the restaurant called "InGalera" (in prison meaning), to meet the theme, the designer deliberately in the restaurant to create a prison atmosphere, surrounded by well-known prison film posters, including Chilli Yishi live starred in "Escape from Yakala". Reported this restaurant for lunch about 12 euros per dish, dinner average price of 30-40 euros per person. To the "prison" restaurant, no red tape, no need to produce any documents, but because business is good, you need to book in advance.

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