Hot pot shop to open a meeting of hundreds of employees line up kneel (Figure)

Nearly 100 people on the square shouting slogan on September 9
Kneel the scene "Thank you parents gave us life, thanks to the business gave us the opportunity to thank our customers to visit our hot pot restaurant, thank my teammates let me grow!" September 9 morning, in the Tiexi District love a North Street, a square On, hundreds of employees shouted the slogan, attracted a lot of passers-by stop to watch. Attracting passers-by is not a loud slogan, but their wonderful work, "they are listed as a few side team, turn each side team, party team of more than a dozen employees even kneel on the ground, A few leaders look like. "It is understood that engage in this business is a hot pot business. On the "kneel Xie En" this way, there are onlookers point praise, said the enterprise is very cohesive. Some users think: staff personality should be respected, would rather not dry nor kneel! There are friends worry: this trick do not let our boss learn ... ... Han situation? Nearly 100 people on the square shouting slogans kneel September 9, a netizen made microblogging said that in Shenyang City Tiexi District love Gong North Street and Xinggong Street intersection of small square, nearly 100 employees engaged in activities, activities similar to the form In the Games, there is a speech, there is tug of war. There is also a link to the neighborhood residents, store owners and other bus people to the mine, "about 12 people, 1 in front, 11 people in the back, kneeling on the ground, his hands over his head, and then shout slogans : 'Thank you parents gave us life, thanks to the business gave us the opportunity to thank our customers to visit our hot pot restaurant, thank my teammates let me grow!' "Slogan shouting loudly, these 12 people shouting after the implementation of worship. Netizens said that they stand in the Quartet team, basically wearing red clothes, standing in front of a few people wearing white clothes, looks like a leader. 12 people worship, the other side of the team a dozen people came up, continue to kneel in the position, shouting the same slogan. Next, it is the next team, followed by playing. Because the people who participated in the activities, shouting loud, some residents upstairs to the downstairs to see, "This is what business? Why accept the staff of the kneeling? If it is corporate culture, that is what kind of corporate culture? "If the voluntary behavior of employees, companies should refuse such a way." Received a clue, Shenyang Evening News, Shenyang network reporter came to the square, this time, the square has been restored quiet, after inquiring, the reporter found some eyewitness. Witnesses said that at about 100 people stood in the square, "almost two hours, the staff is particularly enthusiastic, from beginning to end emotions are full, is kneeling feel awkward." Why do these employees to kneel , Whether it is the company requirements, witnesses said, as if rehearsing in advance, that is, step by step to carry out. What motives? Hot pot restaurant called in order to enhance cohesion in the end which store is engaged in activities here? Witnesses said that the roadside is the hot pot restaurant. Subsequently, the reporter came to this hot pot shop, a person surnamed Zhang received the reporter. The official said that the morning is indeed their meeting, "we have a total of nine stores, the staff of these stores gathered here today, but also the group has long been set, the autumn of September!" Kneel this link is the company requirements The Before the rehearsal? For the reporter's question, the responsible person, this is entirely out of the staff's wishes, "this link every morning as early as this is held, these slogans every day shouting, but every morning is salute, today employees out of gratitude Kneel, the company did not ask, but also only ritual not kneel. "The official said the company held such an event is to enhance staff cohesion. Before the deadline, the reporter received a self-proclaimed hot pot restaurant staff called the phone. "We really cherish this job, and we are not kneeling the leadership, we are kneeling parents, thanks to our parents gave us life, but the leadership in the Front, feeling like kneeling leadership. "Han view? Only hope that our boss do not learn this trick for this behavior, summed up, we hold three views. Some people said that now the child is not good tube, do not cherish the job opportunities, by the point tube very good. Another part of the people said that corporate culture, by force and brainwash certainly not work. "People have dignity, there are many ways to express gratitude, no need to exaggerate the grotesque, I hope this move our boss do not learn ah." The third person said, now find a job is not easy, kneeling on it! It is estimated that is for food and shelter, to find such a job is not easy. Shenyang Evening News, Shenyang network director reporter Li Yuan photographer Reporter Chang Sheng Gang similar corporate culture is not uncommon in 2013, Dandong Arirang hotel was friends called "fight chicken" like crazy year shocked the network. In 2013, in Chongqing's most prosperous Jiefangbei square, a company employees kneeling around the monument crawling, while climbing side cheering! At the end of 2012, a barber shop in Dalian ordered eight employees to kneel down to the street, in order to "self-breakthrough." In our traditional rituals, kneeling is the highest way of gratitude, usually only for their parents or to their own have to have their own parents, but also to their own parents, or to their own parents, Great help and "reengineering" of the talent line kneeling ceremony. Therefore, kneeling ceremony is usually classified as "feudal etiquette." Corporate culture should be around the enterprise services, worship beyond the scope of corporate culture, belonging to the staff of the border education. Corporate culture should not be through the call to express the sincere and gratitude to the enterprise, but should be reflected in the behavior of customer behavior and language, companies should train them how to better service and better communicate with customers. Only through some form, can not create a true height of corporate culture.

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