The police can not sue the murderer: the establishment of the investigation team

Otshui County Procuratorate to the prosecution materials transferred to the County Public Security Bureau Commission for Discipline Inspection
Bao Yuzhen home in the village of housing has collapsed four years ago. Beijing time chart package Yu Zhen took her husband Fan Anyin's photo. Beijing in the summer of 1998 one night, when the 49-year-old villager Fan An silver, in Guang'an City, adjacent water town Xingren Town, three-step village home, was forced to drag out, the suspect held a dagger to kill it, that night One of the suspects fled. According to media reports that night, Fan An silver and the villagers group chief and tube supervisor Fan Anwen, because of tongue conflict dispute. Fan Anyin's wife Bao Yuzhen said, Fan Anwen instructed his brother Fan Yude, his nephew Fan Xueyun Sheng pull death, forced to wear shorts and vests Fanan silver dragged into the Fan Yude home, and fell to the ground, "Fan Xueyun and Fan Anwen two hand dagger toward Fan Anyin Body chaos poke. "In the quarrel Fanan silver was stabbed to death, that night, the suspect Fan Xueyun night fled. Bao Yuzhen in the incident after more than ten years, insisted on the pursuit of evil, asked the police to follow the law. The end of 2011, in the country to carry out online pursuit of special inspectors during the operation, the suspect Fan Xueyun arrested, detained in the adjacent water county detention center. December 2012, in the detention center held a year of Fan Xueyun, was bail pending trial. In the case of the death of the police, the evidence was lost, including the autopsy report and the transcripts of the on-site inspection and inspection records, which led the county procuratorate to fail to prosecute the prosecution suspects. Bao Yuzhen then to the adjacent water County Procuratorate filed a complaint. The relevant legal documents show: January 22, 2013, Olshui County Procuratorate to prosecute the material transferred to the County Public Security Bureau Commission for Discipline Inspection. Since then, Otshui County Public Security Bureau Commission for Discipline Inspection investigation "file missing" event. December 8, Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter learned from the neighboring water county Party Committee Propaganda Department was informed that the adjacent water county, county government and Guang'an City Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the rapid organization of elite forces, set up a joint county and city investigation team, according to the case and the relevant circumstances Personnel, conduct a special investigation. Oliver County Party Committee Propaganda Department official said, if the relevant personnel there is violation of law and discipline behavior, will be strictly according to the law according to the law, never cover up protection. Investigate the results of the deal, the first time released. Cover News - Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Jing Mingan

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