Bus driver one hand to drive the phone to stop 17 stations will be fined 100 yuan

Reporters view the users upload the video
The day before yesterday evening, a netizen released microblogging, said at 7:00 on the 7th, he was riding a license plate in Jiangxia College Station for the Fujian AYB179 41 bus, see the driver chatting with the phone, talk very happy, almost all the way One-handed drive. "I sat 17 stations, the way the driver kept playing the phone, chatting." The users also said that he wanted to remind the driver several times, staring at the driver looked for a long time, but the other did not react. Reporters to see the users upload the video, see the bus driver is a man wearing sunglasses, driving the right hand when the steering wheel, left hand holding the phone, while the phone on the ear, while watching the screen, while the phone on the mouth again. "The video, the driver once playing mobile phone time lasted more than 20 seconds." The netizen said that he traveled the ride, the driver to play the phone, made a micro letter ten times, "too safe to take seriously." Reflected, Fuzhou Public Transport Company, said the company side will never allow such acts, the situation has been transferred to the 41 team. Because the driver did not work yesterday, a moment did not contact. However, because the video and photos taken by users are relatively clear, they are in contact with the driver, will be interviewed and criticized education, let it write a review, will also be fine $ 100, and deduct some of the performance of the month.

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